July 15, 2024
Great Britain Horse Racing

New Horse Riding Rules Prohibit The Use Of Whips Entirely

Some crucial inquiries regarding the recent conflict over the new horse riding have been seen. The British racers remained after Saturday’s cold snap was wiped out. A large portion of this week’s showjumping program was already achieved and performed by the skilled riders. 

The reason for the new rules

The reason for the recent introduction of the new rules is unknown. The latest update on the rules was made just this summer. The effect of the new regulations will be seen by the 6th of February.

Two current senior jockeys, PJ MacDonald and T. Scudamore have drafted a new system as part of the expert-run jockeys’ organization’s whip consultation, which was launched in an effort to assuage jockeys’ concerns about British racing authorities. Some important feedback was given on the matter from professional riders as well. 

Whip consultation has been once again discussed as drivers seem to behave beyond the current regulations. So what is the way to make them obey the rules? The answer to the question is most likely the simplest.

The jockeys are currently going from one meeting to another and have a very strict schedule that makes three months seem endless. The summer saw the announcement of a new rule prohibiting the use of whips, but the implementation of the new regulations wasn’t set until the final week of November. 

The resistance from the riders

Even if the grant recipient only once used the whip with his forehand, he would still be in complete violation of the new rules for the following year. He would be suspended for either seven or two weeks.

Ultimately, the new rules began to be discussed a lot among the experienced riders – they are questioning whether it is legal at all to prohibit whips in horse riding. 

The level of resentment and the degree to which drivers will voice their worries are both unknown. In spite of the PJ’s great and understandable hesitation to get fully attached to the new rules, the drivers will still have to obey the new regulations no matter what.

In any case, it should be interesting to watch the yearly Lesters Awards, which will be broadcast live and provide additional information on the matter.

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